Friday, July 14, 2006

Beer goggles, kinda

This was too good not to write about.

Softball captain - and occasional commenter on here (where have you gone?) - Donna "The One In Charge" Russell shows off her new eyewear.

It should be pretty obvious they're martini glasses. She's not some fashion outcast, you know.

While on vacation, my wife and I stumbled into a sunglasses place in downtown Bend. After deciding that I really couldn't afford a $300 pair of Oakleys, we happened upon these bad boys. Immediately we thought of our good friend Donna, who could drink me under the table any day.

And that's saying something. I admire her for that.

They were a little easier on the wallet, too.

I knew the reaction would be a keeper too, and it was. We had mentioned we were passing through Corvallis and would probably pop by the bookstore. She had requested a shirt that simply said "Beavers" but we were unable to find anything like, despite our search. (We got her a "Beaver Believer" shirt instead. I don't know if it conveys quite the same message, but we tried our best.)

The T-shirt was rolled up. Donna knew of the shirt, but not the secondary surprise gift, the glasses. She unfurled it and her eyes widened.

"OH. MY. GAWD." (Forgive her, she's from upstate New York. And she's a Mets fan. Poor girl. Not that I'm bitter. Of course not. Damn Phillies.)

That's what makes gift-giving better than receiving, the wonderful reaction you get when the present is revealed. I'm glad Donna liked the glasses.

They fit her face pretty well. They fit her fun-loving personality perfectly.


P.J. said...

A couple of things, oh Hustle...

1. Upstate New Yorkers don't say "Oh my gawd." That's City people or people like in the Westchester area. They all have those freaky accents! True upstaters actually can say "God." :)

And.... 2.... Oakley sunglasses. I got a pair a couple years ago. Paid like 225-250. Polarized lenses. I know they are expensive... but if you wear shades a lot, it is an incredible investment.

ME said...

Donna! My favorite Hot Corner commentator! Enjoy those shades!!

donna said...

Yes, I haven't piped in lately. But you see, I spend most of the summer in bars and don't take my laptop with me. I can't comment or even blog myself. I do love my new glasses. Priceles.

OK, gotta run. It's after 10 in the morning and my bloody mary is getting warm in this heat!