Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back in the saddle again

I should admit that I wrote the previous post about Mt. Bachelor was written entirely from home. Yup, we're back, vacation is over, and in a few hours I'll be back at the grindstone.

My poor wife is already at the grindstone. She's one of those people who needs a set amount of sleep each night, so I can only imagine how she's feeling after five hours of sleep.

Me? My average is six, and I do pretty well with that. But I'm working on five, after getting to bed at a still-normal time for me (just after 3 a.m.) but finding myself unable to fall asleep despite the fact that I was freaking tired. So here I am.

And I'm still freaking tired.

Oh well, early to bed tonight. We'll make up for it somehow.


ME said...

Wow. I need at least 8 hours, but function much better with 10. Unfortunately, I rarely get that.

Welcome home!

Balarko said...


If you thought Bend was small and isolated, wait untill you visit Idaho. You are in for a real treat. You can drive an hour and a half North from my office before you hit another town. And from there it is another hour to get somewhere!

I love it!