Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend football report

Before I get into that, a few notes on Saturday night's Catsino Night: As cool as I could have hoped. We were in the historic lobby, which gave us a grand view of a few planes (Alaska 737, Continental Express RJ, Delta MD-88, and what I believe to be a United 757) and the front end of the runway. So we saw planes just after touchdown, likely as they were just deploying reversers.

Just for showing up, we were given $10,000 in chips (play money, of course), except that most minimum bets were $1,000. Roulette was $500. I immediately gravitated toward the poker table which had two other folks. My first hand, I was dealt K-9 offsuit, big enough to play since there were only two others. Flop includes a nine and two undercards, so I've got top pair and top kicker. Dude keeps betting out at every opportunity and soon I've invested my whole stack. He flips over 3-5 offsuit.

And he wins with two pair.

I flashed my wife a look of anger she rarely sees. She implored me to calm down.

"The dealer was giving him instructions on how to play," she said. "What do you expect?"

I did buy back in and skipped poker for a while. Instead we had a grand time playing blackjack; I about broke even. So at least that part went well.

Anyway, on with the football. A fairly large list, I'd say, since we weren't even home on Saturday night...

Alabama (beat Tennessee 41-17)
Appalachian St. (lost to Georgia Southern 38-35)
Army (lost to Georgia Tech 34-10)
Baylor (lost to Texas 31-10)
California (lost to UCLA 30-21)
Cincinnati (lost to Pittsburgh 24-17)
Colorado (lost to Kansas 19-14)
Delaware St. (beat Morgan St. 25-17)
Florida (beat Kentucky 45-37)
Florida Atlantic (beat La.-Lafayette 39-32, OT)
Florida State (lost to Miami, Fla. 37-29)
Fresno St. (beat San Jose St. 30-0)
Georgia Southern (beat Appalachian St. 38-35)
Georgia Tech (beat Army 34-10)
Grambling (beat Jackson St. 30-20)
Howard (beat North Carolina A&T 35-27)
Indiana (lost to Penn State (36-31)
Iowa (lost to Purdue 31-6)
Iowa State (lost to Oklahoma 17-7)
Jackson St. (lost to Grambling 30-20)
Kansas (beat Colorado 19-14)
Kentucky (lost to Florida 45-37)
Louisiana-Lafayette (lost to Fla. Atlantic 39-32, OT)
Marshall (lost to Southern Miss 33-24)
Maryland (lost to Virginia 18-17)
UMass (beat Northeastern 24-7)
Miami, Fla. (beat Florida St. 37-29)
Miami, Ohio (lost to Temple 24-17)
Michigan St. (lost to Ohio St. 24-17)
Mississippi St. (lost to West Virginia 38-13)
Missouri (beat Texas Tech 41-10)
Morgan St. (lost to Delaware St. 25-17)
North Carolina A&T (lost to Howard 35-27)
Northeastern (lost to UMass 24-7)
Notre Dame (lost to USC 38-0)
Ohio St. (beat Michigan St. 24-17)
Oklahoma (beat Iowa State 17-7)
Penn State (beat Indiana 36-31)
Pittsburgh (beat Cincinnati 24-17)
Purdue (beat Iowa 31-6)
Rutgers (beat South Florida 30-27)
San Jose St. (lost to Fresno St. 30-0)
South Carolina (lost to Vanderbilt 17-6)
South Florida (lost to Rutgers 30-27)
Southern Miss (beat Marshall 33-24)
TCU (lost to Utah 27-20)
Temple (beat Miami, Ohio 24-17)
Tennessee (lost to Alabama 41-17)
Texas (beat Baylor 31-10)
Texas Tech (lost to Missouri 41-10)
UCLA (beat California 30-21)
USC (beat Notre Dame 38-0)
Utah (beat TCU 27-20)
Vanderbilt (beat South Carolina 17-6)
Virginia (beat Maryland 18-17)
West Virginia (beat Mississippi St. 38-13)


Mark said...

Hmm... I noticed the Oregon/Washington game wasn't on there! I am very concerned that you missed Oregon beat Washington and jump to number 5 in the nation!


Brian said...

Well, here's the problem. GamePlan has its limitations; notably, it doesn't show games on any FSN affiliate.

As a consequence, we miss a lot of Washington games; we miss a lot of Oregon games too, Mr. Fanboy. ;)

We were watching one game - must have been Cal-UCLA - and I made the comment, "Hey, they have some pretty good football on the west coast! Who knew?"

Needless to say, that comment did not go over very well someone...