Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday football report No. 2

I really did plan on writing this last night. But then after some drinks, typing became painfully slow. (And I'm doing all right - not great, but all right - this morning, thanks.)

I did learn, however, that I don't think mixing beer and wine is a great idea for me. I started off fine with my standard Yuengling. Once the Evolution was opened, well, what's a man to do? That's now become my favorite wine, though I regret its mention caused such consternation in the Zimmerman household (seventh graf).

Anyway, without further ado, here's who we saw yesterday:

Alabama (beat Ole Miss 27-24)
Arizona (lost to USC 20-13)
Arkansas (lost to Auburn 9-7)
Auburn (beat Arkansas 9-7)
Boston College (beat Notre Dame 27-14)
Bowling Green (lost to Miami-Ohio 47-14)
Colorado (lost to Kansas State 47-20)
Columbia (lost to Penn 59-28)
Duke (lost to Va. Tech 43-14)
East Carolina (beat UTEP 45-42, OT)
Eastern Michigan (lost to Ohio 48-42)
Fresno State (beat Idaho 37-24)
Georgia (beat Vanderbilt 20-17)
Georgia Tech (beat Miami, Fla. 17-14)
Hofstra (beat Towson 20-3)
Idaho (lost to Fresno State 37-24)
Illinois (lost to Iowa 10-6)
Iowa (beat Illinois 10-6)
Kansas State (beat Colorado 47-20)
Kentucky (beat LSU 43-37, 3OT)
LSU (lost to Kentucky 43-37, 3OT)
Miami, Fla. (lost to Ga. Tech 17-14)
Miami, Ohio (beat Bowling Green 47-14)
Mississippi State (lost to Tennessee 33-21)
North Carolina (lost to South Carolina 21-15)
Notre Dame (lost to BC 27-14)
Ohio (beat EMU 48-42)
Ole Miss (lost to Alabama 27-24)
Penn (beat Columbia 59-28)
Penn State (beat Wisconsin 38-7)
Rutgers (beat Syracuse 38-14)
South Carolina (beat North Carolina 21-15)
Southern Cal (beat Arizona 20-13)
Syracuse (lost to Rutgers 38-14)
Tennessee (beat Mississippi State 33-21)
Texas A&M (lost to Texas Tech 35-7)
Texas-El Paso (lost to East Carolina 45-42, OT)
Texas Tech (beat Texas A&M 35-7)
Towson (lost to Hofstra 20-3)
Wisconsin (lost to Penn State 38-7)
Vanderbilt (lost to Georgia 20-17)
Virginia Tech (beat Duke 43-14)


ME said...

No ESPNU for the UConn/UVA game>

Brian said...

Sadly, no E-U for us.

I don't know how much the sports tier costs. GamePlan is great, but we're really frustrated they don't show any FSN games - most of the UW games are on there. Still, we'd be buying it for essentially six Saturdays a year or so... who knows if it's worth the $$$.