Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend football report No. 4

EDITED to update.

I'd be remiss if I didn't start out by saying we had a fun but sad Saturday night as we bid our good friends Andrew and Rebecca farewell. They're moving to Phoenix, a place they always figured they'd be moving to (both are Arizona grads and Andrew has extensive ties to the area).

We're both terribly sad to see them go. We had a lot of fun on Saturday nights, sharing friendship and a drink or several. We'll miss you guys - but we'll see you soon. We promise.

Anyway, on with it. A pretty productive weekend for football watching, so here's everyone we saw at least one play of:

Alabama-Birmingham (lost to East Carolina 41-6)
Arizona State (beat Cal 31-20)
Arkansas State (lost to Troy 27-0)
Auburn (beat Ole Miss 17-3)
Boise State (beat Fresno St. 34-21)
Boston College (beat Va. Tech 14-10)
Bowling Green (lost to Ohio 38-27)
California (lost to Arizona St. 31-20)
Central Florida (beat Southern Miss 34-17)
Clemson (beat Maryland 30-17)
Colorado (beat Texas Tech 31-26)
Connecticut (beat USF 22-15)
East Carolina (beat UAB 41-6)
Florida (lost to Georgia 42-30)
Fresno State (lost to Boise St. 34-21)
Georgia (beat Florida 42-30)
Hofstra (lost to Villanova 35-31)
Idaho (lost to Nevada 37-21)
Iowa (beat Michigan St. 34-27)
James Madison (lost to Richmond 17-16)
Kansas (beat Texas A&M 19-11)
Kentucky (lost to Mississippi St. 31-14)
Louisiana Tech (beat Utah St. 31-21)
Louisville (beat Pittsburgh 24-17)
Maryland (lost to Clemson 30-17)
Michigan State (lost to Iowa 34-27)
Mississippi (lost to Auburn 17-3)
Mississippi State (beat Kentucky 31-14)
Nebraska (lost to Texas 28-25)
Nevada (beat Idaho 37-21)
North Carolina (lost to Wake Forest 37-10)
Ohio (beat Bowling Green 38-27)
Ohio State (beat Penn State 37-17)
Oregon (beat USC 24-17)
Penn State (lost to Ohio State 37-17)
Pittsburgh (lost to Louisville 24-17)
Richmond (beat JMU 17-16)
Rutgers (lost to West Virginia 31-3)
South Carolina (lost to Tennessee 27-24)
South Florida (lost to UConn 22-15)
Southern Miss (lost to UCF 34-17)
Tennessee (beat South Carolina 27-24)
Texas (beat Nebraska 28-25)
Texas A&M (lost to Kansas 19-11)
Texas Tech (lost to Colorado 31-26)
Troy (beat Arkansas St. 27-0)
USC (lost to Oregon 24-17)
Utah State (lost to La. Tech 31-21)
Villanova (beat Hofstra 35-31)
Virginia Tech (lost to Boston College 14-10)
Wake Forest (beat North Carolina 37-10)
West Virginia (beat Rutgers 31-3)

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