Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Putting that glass pane to good use

I sat, as I always do, looking out the media center window at Redskin Park today. How convienent, it also provides a wonderful glimpse onto the approach path for runway 19R at Dulles International.

To get an idea of where I'm looking from, watch this video and pause it at 6:31.

In the lower right quadrant (an inch or so from the bottom and right), you'll see a patch of green that's more green than everything around it. That's the Redskins' artificial turf practice field. That building in front is their headquarters; the main entrance is in the middle, the media center just to the right.

So that's what it looks like from the sky.

Among the aircraft I had the pleasure of seeing:

-- British Airways 747

-- Saudi Arabian Airlines 747

-- United 747, 777 and 767

-- Air France 777

-- Virgin Atlantic A340

-- Scandinavian Airlines A330

-- KLM 777

And, on top of that, I sat in that same spot a few weeks ago and saw something I honestly never thought I'd see in my lifetime: A Korean Air 747.

God, I really am hopeless, aren't I?

NOTE: Links to pictures will be added as soon as I can. is undergoing a server change; it recommended I check out, but frankly the photos I saw there were of poor quality. (EDIT: Done.)

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