Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update on Hank -- and me

It's been a full six days since Hank came home. And since then, I've been reminded of a line from a certain Chappelle Show sketch. In it, through circumstances better left discovered by watching the YouTube clip, Chappelle says with a hearty laugh, "Oh Lord! This racism is killing me inside."

Obviously, this isn't racism, unless feline-human relations have deteorated without my knowledge.

But laughing in the midst of a hurricane swirling around you? That I know.

It's now early Thursday morning. I think the last time I slept more than six hours at one time was Tuesday; before that, it was probably last Thursday. One thing or another has kept me up, though it usually relates to Hank, here-to-fore resident cat Grace, or the potential interaction between the two when they finally meet face to face.

Or maybe it's that I am tired and ready for bed, and have to struggle with Hank to get off my side of the bed. I was nice and tired and ready for bed; now, suddenly, I have to think and do some work to get Hank to move - since he's not really willing to give up a warm spot on the soft bed. As I think about that and the other stuff, it takes time to once again find that happy place of pre-sleep bliss.

And since I never know just what's going to happen between the two - since it's merely a door that separates them - I don't sleep particularly well when I do dose off.

Then when morning comes, Hank's all ready to start his day. Except our hours don't jive. So he's making his presence known around the bedroom, when all I want to do is sleep. Two straight days I've been forced up before 7 a.m. - that's fine for lots of people, but not when you usually go to bed around 2-3 a.m.

At this very moment, I sit here to type this are relieve some of the stress that's built up. Yet I hear Hank's near-constant whining and an occasional thump from the bedroom. And I wonder to myself, what next? Though I'm almost afraid to ask.

So I'll go check and see what's going on and try to salvage some sleep from another morning gone awry.'s killing me inside.


ME said...

I obviously know who Screech is, but I have never watched an episode of "Saved by the Bell". I'm a "Boy Meets World" guy.

Brian said...

Topenga = hot.