Thursday, October 26, 2006

Video wall: The '90s

Back again, a bank of Brian's favorite songs, courtesy of YouTube. Now with limited commentary!

One of my favorite songs ever. Reminds me of the wintertime, since I think I overplayed it that time of year...

I completely forgot how wonderful this one was. I've been reminded and am having a blast re-discovering it - proves loud doesn't always equal good. (You'll recall I interviewed these guys in DC earlier this year and saw them play a brief set at RIR.)

Another favorite - for its musical quality, not for the story. I like my happy home!

Completely safe for work. Trust me, I previewed it. This is also the first time I ever saw the video.

This is among my very favorite songs of all-time. RIP, Layne.

Very underrated. Might be my No. 1 GNR song. A damn shame Axel lost his mind...

No better song on earth to listen to while driving down the highway.


ME said...

Now I know why you & I mesh so well. GREAT choices.

"Estranged" is easily my favorite song on UYI-2. "Everlong" might be my favorite song of all-time, any genre. Throw in some NWA, AIC & PM Dawn & that's good stuff.

(The Foo's have a nice stripped down album coming out, "Skin & Bones". Also, "Everlong" was the song that Chandler & Monica got married to on Friends.)

Ever since I got XM, I've come to realize that the 90's was a great time for music. I listen to 90's on 9 constantly. The early 90's still included hair bands, the mid-90's saw the grunge & hip-hop music come full circle & the late 90's is hard to describe.

Also, it's a pretty fascinating time capsule for me. The early 90's marks my senior year in high school ('91 grad) & by '99, I was getting married. A lot happened in between.

Thanks for the 90's theme today. I may have to steal that idea someday. (Sorry for the rambling.)

Brian said...

The funny part about it is that I looked up some generic 90s song lists and realized how much I couldn't squeeze in - Summertime, Fu Gee La, Freak Like Me...

And yeah, the 90s was a pretty kick-ass time.