Saturday, October 21, 2006

Google echo

It's OK to admit it - we're all friends here. We know you've done it. We know you've Googled yourself.

I do it from time to time to see, on the off chance, if any random newspaper has picked up one of my stories. I don't generally make it a habit to distribute them, but one never knows.

But I haven't done it in a while. So let's go visit a search a couple different places and see what comes up. First off, from our friends at Google. Brian Hunsicker comes up with...

-- A pretty decent high school running back in Alaska.

-- Vice President/Convention of the Underground Utility Contractors of Florida.

-- A member of the 2002 Dordt College men's tennis team. (Someday, I will have my revenge, Shane Tukker.)

-- Hey, that football player wrestles, too.

-- Ninety-third place finisher in the 27th Annual ISL Boys Cross Country championships. (How in the hell did I finish that high?!)

-- A member of the board of directors of the Florida Concrete Pipe Institute. (I'm all about construction in Florida.)

-- A letterman in 1979 for the Central Florida football team.

-- A somewhat accomplished fisherman.

-- A bassist/vocalist for the band Bodega.

Damn. I've done some stuff.

I was going to list Blogger search results, but there were only four of them - three of which were actually about me. Metasearch engine Dogpile came up with much the same thing as Google.

So there you go. And you thought you knew me...


Jay G. Tate said...

You're my hero, Brian.

Fight the power.

Brian said...

If only I had a pretty picture on here like you do...