Thursday, September 07, 2006

Midnight hour, almost here

Looks like we're in the clear for another night. Of course, that only postpones the inevitable.

But that's fine by me, the procrastinating bastard that I am.

Still confused? Check here.


Mandy said...

Seriously, you really crack me up!

ME said...

I wish I knew this was going on last night!

Balarko said...

Random post award!

Turned down the job? When one door closes there is ALWAYS another swinging open!

Good luck!


Brian said...

You want to see a random post? I thought one of the coolest would be to videotape my commute and play it back as a post (with commentary in the text).

Now THAT would be random. Who knows if it'll ever happen.

I can pretty much promise there won't be a post tonight, since I don't know when else they'll turn out the lights!