Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 & MNF

If you're at all worried that this country is not fully back to normal, worry no more. If you were worried at all this country would not be normal on Monday, the five-year anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks, again, you need worry no more.

The Redskins passed out American flags to each of its fans for Washington's Monday-night home opener, and fans waved them in earnest during the pre-game ceremonies as the crowd paused for a moment of silence. Among the other pre-game ceremonies were a chorus represented by all four branches of the military, which sang The Star-Spangled Banner.

After each activity, the fans put those flags to good use, waving them in a frenzy and chanting "USA! USA!" Cheers were never hard to find, whether it was for the chorus or any of the other ceremonies.

The cheering only stopped once: when the Minnesota Vikings jogged onto the field. Then, the boos began. With gusto.

Of course, the state of Minnesota, by the account of most maps, are very much within the borders of the United States. And Minneapolis is as much an American city as Washington, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, if not quite as big.

The cheering, apparently, only goes so far.

We're fully back to normal, from five years ago and from re-living it all today.

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