Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two footballs, one day

I didn't have to be to FedEx quite as early today; in a late switch because of the playoff implications, the game was moved from 1 to 4:30. (Those of you outside of EST may adjust accordingly.)

I left around 1 and, as usual, flipped on the Beeb. I was fortunate to catch the final few moments of the Manchester City-Liverpool game over in the Premier League.

Or, if the announcers were to believed, I wasn't so fortunate.

And that's part of the reason I love it: What wonderful use of language.

Just after the final whistle of the 0-0 tie, one announcer said: "It was a poor example of Premiership football."

Well, it is Britain, so the actual result was "nil-nil," and the announcer labeled that result as "miserable."

I'll have to take their word for it. Liverpool is fourth in the standings, err, table with 37 points (a 10-2-7 record) while Man. City is fifth with 36 points (10-4-6). A draw doesn't seem too implausible.

But the best language was reserved for the postgame report. The BBC recapped the league's other match of the day, Blackburn Rovers' 2-1 win over hapless Derby County.

Derby is in dead last with seven points and a 1-15-4 mark. Fulham, in second-to-last place, has 15 points and one more win. Needless to say, Derby seems to be a lock to be relegated at the end of the season (a concept that, by the way, is woefully underutilized here in the States. Back to AAA with you, Devil Rays!).

The announcer's comment: Derby is eight points "adrift of safety."

Excellent. In no way, shape or form would those words be heard at the game I was heading to, unless Roy Williams missed a tackle (which was still far more likely than that term being used).

My game was exciting for its own reasons and I'm sure most of you know them.

I can't, however, say I was as thrilled as some when, while walking down the main internal corridor, I had to make way for a limo carrying someone I vaguely knew.

It rolled by and I caught up by the time the driver was able to open the door (rough life, huh?).

"That's Ryan Seacrest!" some young woman whispered excitedly. As if it's not enough that we had TomKat at the season opener last year...

I was considerably more excited to get to the pressbox and see people I actually cared about. Like the folks I see each Wednesday and at home games. Oh, and Dan Reeves, too. Not sure why he was there, but I sent a text to Matt mentioning how interesting it was to see those two guys in a 30-minute span.

So the Redskins won and I'm in for another week. Saturday at Seattle, though I'll be watching from home.

Life goes on...

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