Sunday, December 02, 2007

RIP, Leiby's

One of my old haunts closed its doors for the last time today.

Leiby's was a family restaurant located in South Tamaqua, Pa.; very down home, very low key, but very popular too.

I went there a lot as a kid. I often got the same thing, too, a hot hamburger. A little plate of fries and a burger covered in gravy... good times. And yes, at least once I forgot to use my fork and wound up with gravy all over my fingers.

The desserts were what made the place, however. They had a rotation billboard of ice cream flavors (four sides) and that's where I tried cookies and cream. The pies were legendary, such that my uncle just outside of Baltimore would make a point to request a blueberry pie from the place. I never much cared for blueberries, but I sure did get hooked on that pie. (The pies were so popular for Christmas that a section of the restaurant would be closed off to accomodate all of the pies waiting for pick-up.)

And who could forget The Atomic? Leiby's most decadent dessert was, if I remember right, 32 ounces of ice cream with a couple of toppings thrown on for the hell of it.

I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I've gone there over the years. Even after moving south, we made it a point to go back every so often; my mom and dad would occasionally bring a pie from there as well.

But as of today, it's a thing of the past. Sad to hear, but I suppose time marches on...


Peter said...

You are correct it is sad to see leiby's closed.
Unfortunatly this is what happens when people don't understand how to manage and run a restaurant. Leiby's sales were around a million and a half dollars a year.

The General Manager and the owners just didnt understand good, cost effective, value management.

Brian said...

That is part of what my parents mentioned to me - poor management certainly played a role in Leiby's demise.

Which may almost be as sad as the actual closing...

Anonymous said...

I just past Leiby's today and couldn't believe it was boarded up and the building was for sale. They were always so busy. How can you mess up that bad??? Rebecca