Sunday, January 07, 2007

Maybe this could be your mother's video wall...

I guess you guys all know me well enough. But I bet you didn't expect this from me: Three songs that never in a million years you'd think I like.

I'm putting myself out there for you guys. All for the sake of my blog!

On this first one, I'd, uh, wait until you got home to watch it. In other words, it's pretty much NSFW. But there's something about the contrast between the ranges here. The keyboards (I think they're keyboards anyway) add a surrealistic feel to the song; the vocals are as sensual as you'll find anywhere; all against a staccato bass line and drum beat. Listen to the sixteenth-note cutoff in the bass line; every other note is allowed to ring for at least a beat, but one is cut short in a fraction of a second. The drums are complex and non-standard, two characteristics that describe the song as a whole.

I heard this very song on XM today, played it at a bar later in the evening and am hearing it for a third time now. And each time, I wonder: How in the hell can I like this song? I guess it's the powerful vocals, which dominate the music but still seem to strike a perfect balance. I guess I like the song, because good music is good music, no matter where it comes from.

This one's my guilty pleasure. The music resonated with me more than this singer's other singles. Plus it helps that she's gorgeous (IMO) and could sing the hell out of any tune you sat in front of her.

There you have it, my triumvirate of tunes I like but won't readily admit to liking. Just to add a little levity to the situation: Here's a song I meant to include on the previous post, but it slipped my mind. Though Faith No More's epic song, "Epic," is credited with spawning the rap-metal fusion common with bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, this song was released a full three years before. Though Faith No More's musicianship was far more apparent in Epic, this song seems to be one big gag. (And if you don't get the lyrics, you can find them here. Follow No. 1.)

There. I feel better now.

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ME said...

I think our musical tastes are more in tune than you realize.

I'm not that big a fan of "Justify My Love", but shockingly I like your second choice (I can't bring myself to type her name) & Kelly Clarkson totally rocks.

I thought "I'm The Man" came out earlier than three years before "Epic". You're probably right, then again 1987 to 1990 felt like 20 years in my life.

Thanks again!