Thursday, January 25, 2007

Holy crap, I've been negligent

Almost 20 days between updates? Shame on me.

But there's a reason for it. Whether it's good or not, I'll leave that for others to judge: There just hasn't been a whole to write about at the moment.

One of the things I really enjoy about this is the chance to write whatever I damn well please. Which is cool to an extent; but I have standards. I'm not going to throw any old shit here just to fill up space. Some would argue that's nothing I haven't done before (and the drums go ba-dum crash); others might say I do enough of that in my day job (ba-dum crash).

But there are better days on the horizon. My NASCAR blog is scheduled to pick up again next Monday, just in time for the start of Speedweeks in Daytona. I'm starting to get pumped about it again, stockpiling ideas for 10 days' worth of blogs when there's next-to-nothing going on on the track.

Hopefully that habit of writing daily will get me back on track.

In truth, that's a hard deal. It certainly would be a lot easier if I was at the track each weekend. But since I'm not, well, I've got to do the best I can. Three of NASCAR's four manufacturers (Chevy, Ford, Dodge) have been kind enough to put me on their e-mail lists, and that helps a lot. But it just feels like such a disadvantage to try and do justice to a sport from a distance.

David Poole of the Charlotte Observer has a cool blog that I enjoy, but he can go for weeks before updating it. That's his prerogative, since I'm sure he's got enough to fill that thing more often. The folks over at NASCAR Scene do daily blogs too, but they're at the track.

The hard part of it is that races happen once a week, and there's only a handful of news that comes out before the teams arrive at the track for the weekend. But it's the job I'm tasked with, so I do it the best I can.

By comparison, this deal should be easy. Yet it hasn't been. And that's on me, and I apologize for it.


Balarko said...

I have been hoping you didn't just give it up!

Looking forward to more soon.

P.J. said...

Eh, we all do it.

I've found it's tough for me on my regular blog, but not so tough on my photo blog.

Bottom line is I just don't have as much fun writing on my own time as I used to. I think once you start getting paid for something, eventually it becomes just a "job."

Photos on the other hand are fun to me and keep me interested. :D

P.S. -- Go Colts!

Brian said...

PJ...That's funny you mention about the whole 'job' thing and not caring as much. I still love writing, but frankly, it's sports I'm getting sick of.

It's a bit ironic you put Go Colts at the end. I kind of played my role as dedicated Eagles fan these past four weeks, but frankly, I didn't much care. If they'd have gotten to the Super Bowl, then yeah, but up until then, I was just doing what everyone expected me to do.