Friday, November 23, 2007

Two links to check out

First off is something that helps everyone, which is always cool:

We get to play a game. The game gives you a word, you identify what it means from a list of four words. So yeah, it's a vocabulary builder.

But here's the best part: Every time you get a word right, the World Food Programme buys 10 grams of rice to distribute to people around the world who need it. According to a graphic on the WFP's Web site, the top 10 recipient countries for rice in 2007 were: Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cote d'Ivory, India, Madagascar and Ecuador.

Ten grains isn't very much, but with all the people around the world playing the game, over 3 billion grains of rice have been purchased. WFP gets the money from advertisers at the bottom of the page, so be sure and click those links too.

I heard the idea on WTOP, our all news station, and thought it would be worth passing on to all three of my blog readers!

-- AND, EVEN MORE RANDOMLY: My pal Keith got me to sign up for Facebook, and I quickly gathered a list of friends over there. It's a pretty cool place, actually; I never thought I'd get into that sort of thing.

Anyway, while searching through groups, I came across this. Brace yourself.

Hunsickers, Unite!

As I wrote over there: Ain't the Internets great?

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ME said...

I donated 480 grams of rice. I also found this: