Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maybe it's time for a new blog

I don't mean getting rid of this one. I mean starting a new one.

You'll remember the stuff from Patrick Smith last week. Now, there's something that's really kind of stuck in my craw, as they say.

If you don't watch sports much, you probably missed Oklahoma State's football coach launch into a tirade at one of the Oklahoma City columnists. His team had just won its biggest game of the season, yet he decided he would dedicate his entire post-game press conference toward berating this columnist. Last I checked, a thread on it was up to 28 pages over at (the last time a thread moved that fast, it involved Mitch Albom).

I've yet to actually read her column; I will at some point.

But this has brought all of the goobers out to take a giant shit on the media. Yeah, the football coach from Oklahoma State put us in our place, all right. The school hasn't been really relevant since Barry Sanders played there.

Someone's got to fight back on behalf of us; Lord knows no one else is going to.

Maybe that's my job.

I'll sleep on it.

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