Saturday, April 28, 2007

Killing time on a Saturday morning

Hey, it's 11:48. Do you know where your first-round pick is?

It'll be another 100 minutes or so before the Redskins, presumably, make their pick. They could trade up, trade down or stay where they are.

Selfishly, I'm praying for A or C.

Cheering in sports journalism (or any journalism really) is an absolute no-no. However, there is a tiny bit of leeway: Internally (and only internally) I always cheer for a quick game or a quick resolution to whatever it is I'm doing. You can imagine my delight at a 2-0 high school baseball game last night that took about 1:40. You also get a tiny bit of leeway if it means a nice trip for you; needless to say, I was cheering like hell inside (and only internally) for George Mason in last year's Elite Eight game vs. UConn (sorry, Matt).

So you can see why I'm hoping for the earlier two of the three options. Even trading back wouldn't be so bad, so long as it's to like 8 or 9. None of this bullshit about swapping first-round picks with Chicago (31st) in a Lance Briggs trade. I've got plans tonight, dammit.

There are 11 other people in the Redskin Park media room at the moment, with two cameramen just outside (where they tend to congregate). The NFL Network is on the nearby TV; listening to Deion Sanders is particularly painful though it's all been pretty much a drag (Rich Eisen claims that Matt Leinart is 'in a pretty good position' in Arizona). But I suppose it's better than listening to Chris Berman bloviate and wave his arms frantically and take the suspense out of each pick by hinting.

We're all just waiting for things to happen.

Hopefully they do so quickly.

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ME said...

No need to apologize my man. I understand.

Hopefully you can go home soon!ukzzt