Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ish ickd frizz

I just heard the funniest thing on XM: Dr. Dre's 1992 classic, "Fuck Wit Dre Day."

It came on the 90s channel, not one of the edgy rap channels. As such, the 90s channel is considered appropriate for all ages - unlike some of the rap and metal channels, which are marked that some material may be for the older set.

(The 90s, especially, features some crazy song sets. Dre was followed, in order, by Hootie and the Blowfish and Amy Grant. It was at that point I hit up Boneyard.)

Anyway, listening to this song became nearly incomprehensible. Dre and Snoop didn't hold back on the rhyming beatdown of the late Eazy-E; as such, there are 20 uses of the F-word. Though none of them were beeped, they were remixed to render the word unhearable (though you'd have to be pretty dim-witted to not figure out what they're talking about).

In fact, take a run through the lyrics over at Dre's webpage. Try to mentally remaster the voice in your head each time a curse word (or a questionable word) comes up. Pretty damn unintelligible, huh?

It makes for some interesting listening. Worth a chuckle at the very least, you know?

One reference to shit clearly came out as "ish". Other words weren't nearly as defineable. And when a few of those remixes were strung together, it made the song all but listenable. At the very end, there's some stock audio from a guy who's mostly not understandable. But the last line is clearly "fuckin' wit me", and that line echoes as that audio (and soon, the track itself) fades out. In that span of four seconds or so, there are three 're-mixes'.

What's the point, really? If you've got to edit a song that much, why not just save it for the saucier channels?

-- SPEAKING OF SONGS, I'm catching a little Coldplay before I go to bed - "Clocks," to be exact. It's on XM Hitlist now.

This song will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember it being a perfect background as Lindsay and I sat down to have our first meal as husband and wife. It was on our dinner music list for our reception, and really, it's the only song I remember from dinner.

Though I do remember some other music that was played. Our first dance was to Harry Connick Jr.'s "It Had To Be You." I danced my ass off to "Yeah" from Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris. And I sure as hell remember the song we walked into the reception hall to.

"Gonna Fly Now" - the Rocky theme.

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ME said...

I love the 90's on 9. You're 100% right about the variety. The 90's had some good jams.

I think I've heard a few songs on there that weren't edited. One I'm pretty sure of is "Everything Zen" by Bush.

As great as the 90's on 9 is, it's still not Da Boneyard.

Very cool wedding music to.