Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Peek inside the apartment, Part III

My old buddy Cheryl gave me a book review off of the last post on the topic. My pal Matt seems to enjoy these too; and if I know him at all, I think he'll really like this peek:

Brian's Collectibles/Paraphernalia in the Computer Room
Framed photo: Moravian defender sacking hapless Muhlenberg quarterback

Framed poster: Philadelphia Flyers uniforms through the years

Philadelphia Eagles blanket (gift)

Framed collection of previously used press credentials (including Washington Redskins, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, 1997 ALCS, 1999/2000 NFL Draft, Philadelphia Eagles training camp, Winston Cup garage/pit pass at Pocono, Busch/Truck garage/pit pass at Nazareth, 2000 Kickoff Classic, Penn State football and 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup

Philadelphia Eagles mini-helmet (gift)

Moravian College Greyhounds mini-helmet (bought in Bethlehem)

Retail football from Super Bowl XXXV (won while answering a trivia question at a Moravian homecoming)

Game-used Major League baseball (caught at an Orioles game, I think)

Game-used American League baseball (old school! Not sure how I got it)

Mariners souvenir baseball (bought at Safeco Field, Seattle)

Lehighton Area H.S. Indians mini-bullhorn (origins unknown)

Matchbox-type cars: No. 43 Wheaties and No. 43 Cheerios, then driven by Moravian grad John Andretti (origins unknown)

Rogue Chipotle glass (at right; bought at the Rogue Brewing Company in Newport, Ore.)

Framed, autographed 1981 Steve Largent Topps card (gift)

Pint glass, Dansbury Depot (bought in East Stroudsburg)

Unopened box of jelly beans from the office of the President of the United States (gift)

Shot glass, 2006 Final Four (bought in Indianapolis)

Bobblehead: Albert Pujols in a Potomac Cannons uniform (came with ticket to Cannons game)

Bobblehead: Donovan McNabb (currently knocked over, thanks to Grace the cat; gift)

Pint glass, 2006 Final Four (bought in Indianapolis)

Bobblehead: Generic Penn State football player (gift)

Terrell Owens cutout (haven't gotten around to flushing it yet; gift)

Matchbox-type car commemorating the 2003 UAW-DaimlerChrylser 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (gift)

Potomac Cannons souvenir baseball, autographed by Reds 3B Edwin Encarnacion (won at auction at Cannons game)

Pint glass, DeSchutes Brewery (bought at the brewery in Bend, Ore.)

Double shot glass, Philadelphia Eagles (since the team drives me to drink; origins unknown)

Pint glass, Budweiser/Bristol Motor Speedway (origins unknown, but I've never been to Bristol)

Pint glass, BT's (bought at restaurant in Radford, Va.)

Mega shot glass, Clinton-era Presidential Pardons Problem Solver (it reads: "RX: Fill to problem level with your favorite beverage. Repeat dosage as needed." Problem levels, from bottom to top: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Wife Becomes Senator, Greedy Brothers, Rich Friends, Department of Justice, Final Night Party Guests, Losing Speaker Fees, New York Times Editorial, Congressional Hearings, Presidential Library Donor's List, Waiving Executive Privelige, Tarnished Legacy; origins unknown)

Pint glass, Yuengling brewery (bought in Pottsville, Pa.)

Super pint glass, Dan Marino's Fine Food & Spirits (gift)

Super pint glass, Mickey Mantle's (bought in New York)


ME said...

Thanks! Very cool.

Lindsay - the wife said...

The box of candy is actually filled with M&M's and is available only on Air Force One. My boss caught a ride with the President and made sure he had enough to give to staff. So, now Brian is the proud owner of said box.

P.J. said...

One of these days, I'll have to do this on my blog (if I ever update the 'word' one again -- too much time with the photo one). It's amazing how many cool things guys get over the year.

cool job on the press creds. As you know, I'm a big fan of press creds and need to eventually do something with all mine, too!