Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Inside the busy week

It's been better than a week since I posted on here, and there's a good reason: Work's insane at the moment.

That's not a terrible surprise. The Virginia High School League (VHSL) plans it this way, so that all of the spring sports have their state semifinals and finals on the same weekend in roughly the same place. They call them their spring sports jamborees.

To get that far, of course, a team must make it through regionals. And to get that far, they have to make it through districts. Since teams in our county comprise roughly one-half of the region, there's a fair chance that several teams make a fairly deep postseason run.

And as the games continue, they grow in importance, so it's important that we cover them. So that leads to things like last week, when I covered four games in five days, including a girls soccer game in Haymarket, Va., on Memorial Day. Meanwhile, we're prepping our All-Area teams and continuing the cover the two area pro sports of the moment - the Washington Nationals and their High-A affiliate, the Potomac Nationals.

So, as one might understand, I don't have as much interest to write even more when I get home. That's why updates have become rarer lately.

But the positives about it are this: Come Sunday morning, one way or another, our high school season will be finished. All of the state tournaments should be wrapped up by then, and I won't have to cover another high school game until the fall.

I don't consider my summer to have begun until I send that final All-Area page. That's going to take some doing, since I've only started to make the first-team picks. Laying out the page? That's a long way off.

But the end of another school year is nigh. And I can't wait.

At the very least, it means more random missives that you've come to expect on here.


ME said...

More random missives would be great!

So, what happens if it rains this weekend? :)

Brian said...

Perish the thought. :P

P.J. said...

All-area. Blah.

College all-stars. Blah.

Then minor league baseball starts. Yeah, I get a break.

I feel ya bro. I feel ya.